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Angevin Roofing

About Angevin Roofing

Angevin Roofing are an experienced roofing and property maintenance company based in Bexhill, East Sussex. They came to us with an existing static website which they were unable to make any changes or updates to. They also needed to move their website to a faster web hosting provider to improve their website performance. 

How We Helped

We completely rebuilt their whole website from the ground up into a content management system (CMS) and provided on-site training for the CMS, so that they can now edit and update their website whenever they need to, without any coding skills. We also took the opportunity to optimise the website and fix any issues which they were experiencing with their previous website. Additionally we built an automatic quote/estimate generator into their website, to help them quickly provide quotes/estimates to their clients. To ensure fast performance for their website, we provided them with dedicated hosting resources and optimised their website for great performance. Overall, the work we carried out has helped Angevin Roofing to concentrate on providing a better roofing service for their customers as they keep their website up-to-date with the latest information. THe new website has also helped to attract more customer due to its great user experience and mobile-optimised design.

Services Provided

In this project the following services were carried by Pineapple Web Design for the client: